The Day After …

I sent the first draft of my pilot out yesterday. It’s off to a few people I trust as friends and readers. It’s wonderful thing to finish a draft. And it’s a wonderful thing to send it off for notes. But the day after, today. There’s a bit of a void. What to do?

I shouldn’t keep working on the pilot. I’ve done everything I can to make the script as good as possible before sending it out. So in a sense, I’m finished. For now. To make changes now, would confuse things because I’ll get notes on what I’ve sent out. So I must wait.

It’s a good day to feel good about sending out the draft. It’s a good day to write a blog post, and it’s a good day to look at a script that you’ve been thinking about rewriting, or maybe noodle around with some new ideas … Possibly read a great script. In any case, enjoy the void, and then fill it.

Anderson Bridge B&W ITMOT  Photograph: The Anderson Bridge, Charles River

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