Notes on Getting Notes

I recently finished a draft of a TV pilot for a one-hour drama. Woo Hoo! (Always remember to enjoy this accomplishment.) And now, the script is up for review by the writing group I belong to. So I'll be in the hot seat on Monday evening, getting notes -- peoples' feedback on what they liked, … Continue reading Notes on Getting Notes

Character Attitude

Years ago, when the writers group I belong to met at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End in Boston, we went out for drinks after one of our meetings. A common occurrence. On this night, we went to Coda. There was a guy at the group that night that was friends with the person … Continue reading Character Attitude

The Motherfucker with the Hat

I got into the acting class. Awesome. Yes, I'm both excited and nervous. This is good. Makes me think of what Fred Astaire purportedly said to Ginger Rogers: "Don't be nervous -- just don't make any mistakes." First class is Tuesday. I'll do my monologue again. We'll see how I do. One of the other … Continue reading The Motherfucker with the Hat

The Day After …

I sent the first draft of my pilot out yesterday. It's off to a few people I trust as friends and readers. It's wonderful thing to finish a draft. And it's a wonderful thing to send it off for notes. But the day after, today. There's a bit of a void. What to do? I … Continue reading The Day After …

The Intensity of the Want

"The thing the character wants need not be violent or spectacular; it is the intensity of the wanting that counts." Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft And this is true for both comedy and drama. Think of Carrie in Homeland, Walt in Breaking Bad, or any of the characters in Seinfeld, Broad City, or Portlandia. Big … Continue reading The Intensity of the Want

Auditioning A couple evenings ago I auditioned for an acting class. I have very little (no) acting experience. Except in college. I was in a couple of plays, and had a few lines For the audition, I had to do a monologue. I chose Act One, Scene Three of the play Doubt: A Parable. The … Continue reading Auditioning